Ice cream express # Coffee and avocado

I recently tried ice cream with banana : you drop pieces of frozen banana in a blender, you add a flavor of your choice, strawberries, lemon, chocolate or even nothing, some sugar, honey or agave syrup, you mix a few minutes and that's it ! It's magic, an ice cream express !

Except that I don't like the taste of banana, too strong for me. I had to find a more neutral substitute for consistency. And avocado is just magic for that ! On the other hand, the color is ... how to say ... ugly ? One cannot have everything. It reminds me of my spinach-garden peas soup ...

Ice cream express # Coffee and avocado

for 2 gourmets
- 2 diced avocados, frozen
- 10 cl strong coffee, room temperature
- 5 TBsp agave syrup (adjust to your taste)
- 1 tsp unsweetened cacao

Drop all ingredients in a blender, pulse until very smooth, and eat at once !

Yes indeed, the colour is still ugly outside ...

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