Hi ! I'm Caroline, a french food lover based West of Paris. I'm known as Secotine on the french blogosphere as I keep a food blog since september 2010. It's a real pleasure to share and spread my recipes all around the world, so I decided to give a english kid brother to Secotine fait sa maligne :  let me introduce A pinch of Secotine to you.

What can you expect by visiting me ? A lot of vegetarian recipes, because vegetables are my favourite inspiration. Healthy recipes, since I'm not a fat lover and I always cut by half the amount of sugar. Weird recipes, when I see a new ingredient, I suddenly NEED it in my pantry ! And classic recipes too, as my family sometimes feels like eating simple dishes they like. Be sure all the recipes have been tasted and approuved before ending up on this blog !

I can also assure that all the pictures are from real food we've eaten after the shooting ! You'll see as well that I love natural light in my garden ... :-)

So I hope you'll enjoy to visit A pinch of Secotine. English is not my native language, so feel free to correct me. And if you have any question or if you want a translation of a french recipe from Secotine fait sa maligne, I'll be glad to answer you. 

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