Honey-cashew tofu and quick fried sucrine lettuce

I suddenly felt like eating a dish with marinated tofu and lettuce sucrine. Yes, I've sometimes weird envy :-) Fortunately, I remembered of a recipe seen somewhere, and my fridge contained a wild rice leftover.

The tofu is soaked in a classic marinade and fried until gold and crispy. You can use the same pan to fry the sucrine lettuce on one side for a few minutes, then drizzle with a mix of soya sauce and honey. It becomes soft and hot, a real surprise for me, great eater of cold and crispy salad !

Honey-cashew tofu and quick fried sucrine lettuce

serves 2

for the tofu
(Le savoir-faire de la cuisine végétarienne - Clémence Catz)

- 2 Tbsp tamari (soya sauce)
- 2 heaped Tbsp honey
- 4 tsp rice vinegar
- 200g firm tofu
- 20 cashews
- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- 2 tsp coriander (cilantro)

for the sucrine lettuces
- 2 sucrine lettuces
- a few oil
- 2 Tbsp tamari (soya sauce)
- 2 tsp honey

Cut tofu in small pieces. Put tamari, honey and rice vinegar in a small bowl, add tofu, mix well and let marinated at least 30 minutes. Crush the cashews, add to the tofu and mix again.

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the drained tofu and let fry until gold and crispy. Add the marinade and cook for 2 minutes. Divide onto 2 serving plates and set aside.

Remove damaged or dirty leaves of the sucrine lettuce while the tofu is frying. Cut lenghwise, brush this side with oil. Lay the sucrine in the pan over medium heat, flat side down. Cook for 3 minutes. Mix honey with tamari and pour over the sucrine lettuce. Serve immediately.

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