Dead easy currant and pistachio sorbet

This dead easy sorbet was made with a leftover of currant from my mother-in-law. I added a pinch of pistachio butter because 1. a small amount of good pistachio butter gives you a twist to almost anything 2. it also modified the texture of the sorbet, making it looking like an ice-cream - really ! So give a try to this sorbet, you'll love it and regret to have no more leftover !

Dead easy currant and pistachio sorbet

makes 6 popsicles
- 400g currant
- 60g sugar (adjust to your taste !)
- a heaped tsp of good pistachio butter (you can make your own with this recipe)

In a small pan, heat the currant and sugar until it dissolves. Use a food mill to grind, stir in the pistachio butter and let cool. Pour into popsicle molds and store in the freezer. That's it !

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